Support Financially

Catalyze, Inc. is a licensed non-profit organization in the state of West Virginia.  All donations are tax deductible.  Supporting us financially allows us to spend and commit more time to the ministry and movement.  As is apparent, the business does not exist to make money.  In actuality, it costs much more money for it to exist than what it brings in for the founder or its members.  Furthermore, any donations will be utilized appropriately to enhance and improve our effectiveness for Christ and His Kingdom.  A portion of all donations will go towards a scholarship program for Christian education for upcoming leaders within the movement.  .  Your donation will go a long way in changing and transforming lives in our city.  For questions, about Catalyze Inc., call founder Todd Warner at 304-552-8491 or request a meeting.  He would be happy to discuss with you what’s happening with Catalyze.

You can donate to our organization one time or monthly by providing us with your payment information below.   If you decide to donate monthly, you can cancel at any time.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Thank you for your support of Catalyze, Inc.