Park Place Bar - West Side, WV, 1.We rapidly spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through developing, multiplying, and reproducing small groups of disciples in downtrodden communities through individuals that are un-churched, de-churched, or against church by developing relationships in neighborhood contexts (bars, homes, restaurants).

Entrance into the neighborhood and relationship initiation is achieved through a research enlightenment project which stimulates conversations and allows the catalyst to learn the culture and the people within the culture.  We approach those within the neighborhood without prejudgment or bias (to the best of our abilities) and with the posture of a “learner” in order to achieve a higher and more true understanding.  We keep in mind the scriptural truth that “all are created in God’s image” and have the capability of goodness within them. We give up our sense of control and power in order to empower and serve others. We go to the neighborhood with one primary thought, “How can we serve you?”  We go with open hands to serve all – nonbelievers and believers alike. We demonstrate how love and humility reflect the true nature of God.

After we meet someone and possibly interview them, we tell them about our small groups and invite them to take part.  We utilize Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) as developed by Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) and professor and best-selling author Neil Cole.  The method includes scripture reading, weekly meetings, discussion, confession, and prayer. Other methods borrowed from CMA and other missiologists such as Alan Hirsch will include teaching, mentoring, and raising up indigenous leaders within the neighborhood. Small groups will be multiplied by the people within the neighborhood and not outsiders with the exception of the initial catalyst(s). The first and current neighborhood being focused on is the West Side Neighborhood in Charleston, West Virginia.

Corporate strategies include providing speaking presentations with multi-media to those within the organizational church or other Christian organizations on the topics of neighborhood mission, leadership, and evangelism.  The goal of these presentations is to educate and inspire the members of the organization to become more active in their faith and more aware of the impact they can have for Christ.