Resume: Education, Physical Therapy, Business Success

Todd Warner 2015 Resume

109 Cyrus Point, Charleston, WV 25314 | (304)552-8491 |


  • Teach and inspire on the topics of evangelism, mission, leadership, culture, and the gospel.


bachelor of science degree | December 1993 | West virginia university, Morgantown, WV

  • Major: Physical Therapy
  • Minor: Chemistry
  • Graduated with honors – Magna Cum Laude
  • Vice-President of PT Class

Master of arts degree | August 2015 | wheaton college, cHICAGO iLL.

  • Major: Leadership & Evangelism
  • GPA 3.98

Awards & Certifications

best in the valley, charleston newspapers

  • Voted “Best Physical Therapist” in the Kanawha or Other County Categories by readers of the Charleston Newspapers ten years in a row from 2004 – 2013.


  • Achieved initial national certification by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission 11-04-2000. Achieved re-              certification November 2005, 2010, and 2015.  As of November 2015, has been certified longer than any working hand therapist in the Charleston area and one of only 22 CHTs in West Virginia.


  • Achieved certification October 1, 2011 to become certified in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy of the Spine (Cert. MDT) by the McKenzie Institute of America.


  • Successfully completed Module 1 – Basic Training in the Graston Technique method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, which includes diagnostic and therapeutic applications and procedures by TherapyCare Resources, Inc. on August 2008

Young guns, executive magazine

  • Recipient of the Prestigious “Young Guns Award” from West Virginia Executive Magazine for 2011. This award recognizes ten individuals per year in the state of West Virginia for their Leadership, Business Success, Character, and Future Potential.

Work Experience


  • Charleston’s most award-winning and one of the fastest growing physical therapy clinic from October 2003 until April 2015. A therapist or the clinic was awarded “Best Physical Therapist” eleven years in a row from 2004 -2014.
  • Clinic grew from 3 employees to 17 employees and from a 2300 sq. ft. facility to a 6600 sq. ft. facility. Designed both facilities.  Patient visits exponentially and rapidly grew during the time frame.
  • Clinic patient success (goals met) averaged 80% over the time frame (including noncompliant patients and patients that stopped coming to therapy prior to achieving goals). All patient charts reviewed upon discharge by the Vice-president.  Warner’s success averaged 85% and was the highest among physical therapists.
  • Received physician referrals from over 400 physicians and from at least 300 physicians per year.
  • Provided athletic training services for multiple high schools including Charleston Catholic, George Washington, Capital, Nitro, South Charleston, and St. Albans. Successfully negotiated bi-annual contracts and maintained outstanding care and relationships over a 7 year time frame with Charleston Catholic High School.
  • Developed and maintained an outstanding relationship with the University of Charleston Athletic Department and successfully negotiated and satisfied multi-year contracts.
  • Provided hundreds of free physical therapy evaluations and visits for student athletes: policy of 3 free visits to local student athletes.
  • Aggressively marketed the business via developing a website, half-day physician visits, newsletters, newspaper articles, t-shirts, half-day physician visits, presentations to therapists and physicians, lunches for physician groups, and developing positive lasting relationships.
  • Developed a Hand Therapy and Splinting Manual that is presently being used in physician offices in the Charleston area (2008). Presented the manual to area physicians including the CAMC emergency room medical staff and physicians.
  • Fabricated hundreds of static and dynamic upper extremity splints and worked closely with many of the area orthopedic and plastic surgeons.
  • Sold the business April 24, 2015 with a 54 times financial return on the initial business investment (including annual salaries).

Director of therapies, physical therapist, hand therapist | montgomery general hospital sports medicine & hand center | february 2000 – July 2003

  • Responsibilities included managing all therapies (speech, occupational, physical) throughout the hospital including short term stay extended care unit, an acute care unit, a nursing home facility, and primarily the out-patient clinic.
  • 90% patient satisfaction over the time frame on surveys.
  • Achieved 63% growth (measured via units billed) over the 2.5 year time frame.
  • Worked with administration to redesign and expand the outpatient center.
  • Re-designed and improved most operations, communications, and procedures.
  • Maintained and created a positive work environment with no employee “turnover” in 2.5 years.
  • Improved community and physician awareness of the program through aggressive marketing and presentations speaking to at least ten organizations and spending half days with physicians.

Assistant manager, Lead hand therapist, physical therapist | charleston area medical center (camc) sports medicine & hand center | december 1993 – January 2000

  • Promoted to Lead Hand Therapist after only two years.
  • Promoted to Assistant Manager after five years.
  • Maintained highest average patient case load of all therapists from 1994 through 2000.
  • Only therapist to achieve 100% excellent results and obtain all goals on annual performance reviews every year of employment from 1994 -2000.
  • Attended and organized 41 hand and orthopedic conferences with Charleston area therapists and physicians from 1995 to 1999.
  • Increased hand center patient visits by 40% between 1996 -2000.
  • Achieved 18 straight months of positive productivity (units billed) from July 1998 to January 2000 as Assistant Manager (comparing each month to the previous year). This was compared to 7/9 negative months with previous Assistant Manager.
  • Spent half days with nearly all area orthopedic and hand surgeons in the Charleston area from 1993-2000. Scheduled physician half day visits for therapists as Assistant Manager.
  • Clinical Instructor for many students.
  • Developed many treatment protocols (Rotator Cuff Repair, etc.)
  • Provided many in-services to area therapists and physicians (Ultrasound, Stiff Hand, Shoulder Impingement, Flexor Tendon Repair, Splinting, Patellofemoral Therapy, etc.).
  • Achieved outstanding patient satisfaction (> 90%) on surveys.

Continuing Education

has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education and over 100 classes.  values continuing education and the vast majority of classes attended have been live presentations by some of the country’s best therapists and physicians including, but not limited to:

  • The Philadelphia Hand Center Annual Symposium (4 days) – Philadelphia, PA, 1996
  • Hand and Wrist Splinting – Akron, Ohio 1997
  • Cincinnati Sports Medicine Shoulder and Knee Conference (2 days) – Hilton Head Island, SC, 1998
  • The Philadelphia Hand Center Annual Symposium – Emphasis on Elbow & Shoulder Injuries (4 days) – Philadelphia, PA, 2005
  • The Philadelphia Hand Center Pre-Conference Tutorial – Spent 4 days observing CHTs treating patients and watching surgeries (4 days) – Philadelphia, PA, 2005
  • The McKenzie Institute USA – attended all courses (Parts A, B, C, D, E) totaling 114 contact hours between 2006 through 2011.
  • The Orthopedic Rehab Summit (2 days) – Austin, TX, 2009
  • The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Hand Conference (2 days) – Milwaukee, WI, 2010
  • The McKenzie Institute International Conference – Austin, TX 2012
  • The Diagnosis & Treatment of the Upper & Lower Quadrants with Brian Mulligan & Kevin Wilk (2 days) – Cincinnati, OH, 2013
  • Measurable Solutions Physical Therapy Private Practice Business Classes and Training – Became an Executive Client and Attended 42 days of classes over various weeks between 2007 -2011 pertaining to private practice physical therapy growth and management. – Clearwater, FL
  • Advances in Rehabilitation of the Shoulder by Therapy Network Seminars (2 days) – Chicago, Illinois, 2015
  • Donatelli’s Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder with Lab by Dr. Robert Donatelli (2 days) – Knoxville, TN, 2015

Personal Strengths, Unique Experiences, Passions

  • Achiever, Learner, Driven, Extrovert, Optimist, Gets along well with others and perceives the good in all people. Cares about other people.
  • Strong Spirituality (Christian) while being very accepting of other’s beliefs. Founded Catalyze, Inc. (2015) – a ministry dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to become more active in their Christian faith through neighborhood mission and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Medical Missionary – spent 11 days in Togo, Africa in September of 2011 volunteering his time and efforts as a therapist as part of a Christian medical mission team.
  • Passionate about God, family, sports, and the outdoors. Won the IBO Archery World Championship in 2001.