Public Benefits

  1. “Spark the Dark” – Reaching troubled individuals in parts of downtrodden neighborhoods that are otherwise unaffected by local churches. Taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need – those involved in crime, poverty, and addiction – into their environment.  Positively transforming lives through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by enabling individuals to overcome addictions and unhealthy habits;  developing authentic friendships and supportive relationships;  experiencing the love of God and others and sharing that love, serving others and the community, and giving purpose to individual’s lives.
  2. “Community Improvement” – It is hypothesized that small group multiplicative reproduction, carrying the message of loving your neighbor, and the moral lessons taught by Jesus Christ will weaken the strong hold of addiction and crime within the neighborhood(s) being reached.
  3. “Consultation / Education” – Catalyze, Inc. will provide educational / inspirational presentations to area religious organizations, such as churches. Classes will be led by Todd Warner – founder of the business and a graduate of Wheaton College with a Master’s Degree in Evangelism & Leadership (August 2015) – or other highly trained group leaders.  The topics of the classes will consist of neighborhood mission, cross-cultural evangelism, and leadership. The goal of the classes is to catalyze within churches and individuals a more “missional” and “active” approach to church and neighborhood / community involvement.
  4. “Mentoring Program” – Some individuals will be carefully chosen to be mentored to lead others. These individuals will be responsible for reproducing and multiplying small groups throughout the neighborhood. These individuals will receive an education from group leaders founded on lessons learned at Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois, and some of the best Christian teachers and authors in the United States.  The organization will put aside some money regularly to serve as “scholarship money” to allow a few of these indigenous leaders the opportunity to receive a formal college Christian education.  The organization will assist with applications, recommendations, and continued financial and educational support until graduation.
  5. “Public enlightenment about the neighborhood” -There will be an ongoing qualitative research project in order to learn about the people and neighborhood. The research will take place in “real life” locations such as bars, businesses, and restaurants through partnerships with the owners of the establishments.  The project or study will be an in-depth ethnography primarily focusing on relationships and spirituality.  The conclusions and final data will be shared via website for the public.  This enlightenment will hopefully provide information that will serve the neighborhood in a positive fashion through political and social policies and procedures.
  6. “National and International Impact” – The combined model of qualitative research with catalyzing Jesus movements through small group multiplicative reproduction is unique. If it is successful in altering the quality of life or improving crime in the downtrodden neighborhood(s), it could become a useful model on the national and international level.