Presentations Offered

Catalyze, Inc.

PowerPoint presentation on who we are, why we exist, and what we are doing.



PowerPoint Presentations on the Following Subjects and More:

  • What is Culture?
  • Christian Postures Towards Culture
  • Becoming a Cultural Agent for Christ – Cultural Interpretation
  • Redeeming Culture through Christ
  • Understanding Postmodernists
  • Understanding the Cultural Transition from Modernism to Postmodernism
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Friendships
  • The American Church in Crises
  • unChristian: What a New Generations Really Thinks About Christianity…and Why It Matters.  Book and Statistics Presentation and Discussion.
  • Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD)



PowerPoint Presentations on the following Subjects & More: 

  • Evangelism: What and Why?
  • Rethinking Evangelism
  • Reimagining Evangelism
  • The Gift of Evangelism
  • Everyone as Evangelist – Leading someone one step closer to Christ
  • Evangelism: Words & Works
  • Evangelism: Church program or Personal Christian Responsibility
  • Evangelization with various sub-cultures (i.e. emerging generation, postmodernists, and/or neo-pagans)
  • Celtic vs. Roman Evangelism Models
  • Evangelizing through the 7 Signs of John.
  • Rethinking the gospel and conversion – overview.
  • The Gospel – Understanding and Living It Out
  • Conversion – Process or Decision? Bound vs. Centered Set.
  • Conversion – Beyond Salvation.
  • Conversion – A “Good” Conversion – Authentic vs. Inauthentic.
  • The Atonement – Models & Metaphors
  • Principalities & Powers – Confronting the Evil Forces of Our World.
  • The Resurrection – The Significance for Believers
  • Challenging Someone to Decide – When and How?
  • Salvation in the Old & New Testaments
  • The Big Story: God’s Restoration Project – Salvation for all Creation
  • The Kingdom of God – What is it? How do we become members? Why is it important? How do we participate and what does Christ expect from us?
  • Follow-up (Discipleship) after conversion (community and Life Transformation Groups).


Apologetics – Reason and the Faith

PowerPoint presentations on the following subjects and more:

  • Overview – Christianity’s toughest questions and objections.
  • Modernist Questions – Providing answers to the age old objections of Christianity from the modern culture. Overview presentation or specific question presentations.
    • Is Christianity rational?
    • Is there a God?
    • Is Christ God? Is he the only way to God?
    • Why does God allow suffering and evil?
    • Did Christ rise from the dead (evidence)?
    • Are the Bible documents reliable? Isn’t it full of errors?
    • How can miracles be possible?
    • Don’t science and scripture disagree?
  • Postmodernist and the Emerging Generation – Providing answers to more current objections to Christianity. Overview presentation or specific question presentations.
    • Why are Christians imposing their beliefs and morality on others?
    • How can you Christians tell other people who they are?
    • Why should I trust you, or the church which has done so many terrible things?
    • Why do I hurt? Why did my family break apart? Why is there so much hatred and violence in the world?
    • Doesn’t the church support certain hierarchical structures in our culture and society?
    • What about hypocrisy?
    • Isn’t the way you read the Bible or see the world completely dependent on which community (culture) you belong to?
    • Does your belief transform lives? Does it make any difference?
    • Does your religion help society, particularly those who are marginalized? Or are you just another self-serving group?
    • Why do you stand so strongly opposed to homosexuality?
    • Offensive Apologetics – sharing the beauty and positive characteristics of the Christian Faith.
    • Don’t Science and Evolution Contradict Genesis?
    • Why Should I Read the Bible? What’s so important about the Bible?  Isn’t it just another book?



PowerPoint Presentations on the Following Subjects and More:

  • Missio Dei (Mission of God)
  • Missional Terminology
  • Missional Church
  • Missional Leadership
  • The Link between Church & Mission
  • The Gospel & Mission
  • Historical Sources of the Missional Conversation
  • Transforming Your Church Towards Becoming More Missionally-Oriented
  • Missional DNA
  • Creating Ethnic Diversity Within Your Church – Going Across Boundaries
  • Presentations on various Church models with special focus on mission (Seeker Sensitive, Emerging Missional, New Paradigm, and Apostolic Network Churches.)



PowerPoint presentations on the following subjects and more:

  • Personal Leadership Development,
  • Secular vs. Christian Leadership
  • Technocratic vs. Spiritual Leadership Development Strategies
  • Organizational Leadership: Hierarchical vs. Flat Models.
  • Christian Leadership: Authoritative or Empowering
  • Nurturing The Soul – Avoiding Burnout for Church Leaders
  • Bill Hybels on Leadership
  • Minimizing Conflict – Managing Change within the Church
  • Discovering Your Calling
  • Strengths Finder Personal Leadership Discovery Tool