This past week, we had the opportunity to begin a new Life Transformation Group in “Our Place” restaurant – a new location that is centrally located in the heart of the West Side District of Charleston, West Virginia only one block from Park Place Bar.  Our Place 1Our Place

We have been fortunate to be given permission by the restaurant’s owner, Silas who told me “I’ve read the good book through and through.”  The restaurant has a quite and appealing environment and many people in and outside the door which makes it ideal to hold small groups, do research, and develop new relationships.  We are truly fortunate and blessed by Silas’ graciousness.

Silas- "Our Place" OwnerSilas- “Our Place” Owner

This past week, the group discussion went very well as Terry, Lisa, and I  began to get to know one another, developed a small list of people in our lives that we’d like to pray for, and read and discussed God’s word.

First small group in "Our Place" Todd, Terry, and Lisa
First small group in “Our Place” Todd, Terry, and Lisa

We will be meeting weekly and sharing our thoughts and lives with each other keeping it real – and allowing Christ to transform us.

If you get a chance, stop into “Our Place” and support a veteran and believer in Christ –

“Thanks so much Silas for letting us get our feet in your door for Christ and the neighborhood.”  ♥†