Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) are small groups that meet weekly that transform members of the groups towards becoming more like Christ. It is a simple way to release the essential elements of a spiritual walk to people who need Jesus to change them from the inside out.  LTGs were developed and created by Neil Cole and Church Multiplication Associates (CMA – see the resource section on this site).  Neil Cole is one of the leading missiologists and Christian authors in the world and a previous professor for Catalyze Inc.’s founder, Todd Warner.

Life Transformation Groups were developed in order to deeply seed the Word of God and rapidly multiple across neighborhoods or communities.  This tool empowers the common Christian to accomplish the uncommon work of reproducing disciples who can in turn reproduce others. The groups are made up of 2-3 unisex members in order to maintain intimacy, openness, accountability, and confidentiality.  Once the group gets to more than 3 members, it is understood as pregnant, and within a short time, a member of the groups must start another group.  This practice allows the groups to be very flexible, multiply, and create a movement for Jesus within the community.

The groups use a simple method that is reproducible regardless of one’s walk with Christ. The groups are beneficial to all people from unbelievers to mature followers of Christ.  There is no leader needed in the group.

Once a person decides to be part of a group or to observe the group they are provided a tri-fold brochure made by CMA (see photo) which clearly defines the group and the tasks that must be followed.

Three tasks of an LTG:

  1. Sin is confessed in mutual accountability. Character conversation questions are asked and answered by each member of the group each week.
  2. Scripture is read repetitively in context and in community. Chapters of scripture are chosen by the group and read repetitively through the week and then discussed at the weekly meeting.
  3. Souls are prayed for specifically and regularly. Members of the group choose three people to pray for and the group does so throughout the week and at the meeting.

Interested in joining one of our LTGs or starting your own?  Want to learn more about the groups before jumping in?  Contact us ( or 304-552-8491) and we can discuss things over the phone or face-to-face.  We would love to talk or meet with you.    It will transform and change you and your life.  It has for us.

Do you want to start a small group ministry in your church that also has a missional and evangelical focus?  These groups will accomplish great things in your context.  Call or contact us.

We currently have multiple groups going in the West Side neighborhood in Charleston, but need your help to really catalyze a viral movement.  Join us and let’s bring the Kingdom of God to the streets of Charleston, to the suburbs of South Hills, to local church bodies, and everywhere in-between!