Besides multiplying disciples, our secondary purposes include educating individuals and organizations on the topics of neighborhood mission, evangelism, and leadership; and inspiring and motivating individuals and organizations to take a more active role in their calling and faith.

We offer speaking presentations on the topics of Life Transformation Groups (LTGs), neighborhood mission, evangelism, and leadership.  These presentations include PowerPoint and media to inspire and educate.  We have over a hundred PowerPoint presentations that run in length from 10 minutes to 70 minutes.

Allow us to share what we have learned with you and your friends.  We are passionate about inspiring others to take action for Christ.  We would love the opportunity to do so with your congregation.  The cost of these presentations is up to you and your church body and only after the presentation is completed. Any donations will be applied to our non-profit organization and will be utilized appropriately to enhance and improve our effectiveness for Christ and His Kingdom.

  • Are the majority of the members of your church active and involved in their faith?
  • Do members of your church understand that going across a room to someone in need is just as “missional” as going around the world?
  • Is your church involved in reaching out to those in the local neighborhood?
  • Does your church regularly reach out to the lost and bring new converts into the Kingdom?
  • Does each member of your church realize that they have the ability to move an unbeliever one step or more towards Christ?
  • Is your church vibrant and healthy and does it regularly bring in new members?
  • Are the pioneers in your church being inspired and encouraged to take action and are they being provided with specific avenues?
  • Are all members of your church utilizing their God-given gifts and talents?
  • Would your church congregation respond positively to you presenting a series of sermons on being more active in their faith?
  • Do members of your church always follow Christ outside of Sunday worship? Is Jesus Lord over their lives at all times?
  • Do members of your church regularly reach across cultural lines – ethnic, generational, and economic – to those in need?
  • Are the leaders in your church always reliant on “Abiding in Christ” in order to be effective?


If you responded “no” to any of these questions, we can help.