Inspirational Videos & Movie Clips

Legends of the fall ending:

Dead Poets Society – Carpe Diem:

Inspirational video -Pay it Forward – Giving and Giving Love:

Olympic Athlete Injury – overcoming failure – never giving up – Father and son love:

Hardball video clip – G-baby’s funeral speech by Keanu Reeves:

River Runs Through It Final Scene:

Batman Begins – “But what I do that defines me”:

Lord of the Rings – Gandolf “All you have to decide it what to do with the time that is given to you” [Needs cut when Frodo gets in boat]:

Coach Carter:  Our Deepest Fear:

Schindler’s List:  Final Scene – Good Evangelistic Video – I could’ve gotten one more:

Love Scenes:  The Replacement’s Kiss scene- Keanu Reeves:

The Passion of the Christ – table making scene:

The Passion of the Christ – compilation video:

U2 VIDEOS:  One with Mary J. Blige:

U2 VIDEOS:  AMAZING GRACE TO WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME – 360 TOUR IN ROSE BOWL LIVE (There were in attendance 97,014 people!):

Love Scenes:  The Notebook: Alley remembers/ comes back to Noah:

Love Scenes:  The Notebook: the kiss on the dock:

Classmate Michael Mark Spoken Word – Compare:

Goodwill Hunting – Park Scene:

Goodwill Hunting – Final Scene: “son of a bitch”:

Great evangelism video:

Great evangelism video 2:

Long theologically correct atonement / heaven/ hell story: