Forge America


The Forge Mission Training Network began in Victoria, Australia in 1996, launched by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost as a response to the dire need for Christians to go into the world, amidst the many cultural changes, and actively engage others with the Message of Jesus. In 2010, Forge America began rolling out to various cities such as Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Raleigh, Joplin, Sacramento, Portland, and others, aiming to bring about a shift toward a paradigm in which every member of the body of Christ is participating in the mission of God. As a servant to local churches and a partner to universities, seminaries, and mission organizations, Forge plays a role in re-imagining and re-shaping the Western Church to engage the not-yet-followers of Jesus.

Todd Warner, the founder of Catalyst, Inc., discovered his calling as a “catalyst” through taking a class at Wheaton College, Chicago, Ill. taught by Alan Hirsch and Scott Nelson.  The class was entitled “Launching Apostolic Movements.”  That class and the lessons learned through Alan’s writings have been very influential in forming the vision, mission, strategies, and theological foundations of Catalyze Inc.  Todd would like personally thank Alan and Scott for their influences.



forge-america-img1Alan Hirsch is the founding director of Forge Mission Training Network. Currently he co-leads Future Travelers, an innovative learning program helping megachurches become missional movements. Known for his innovative approach to mission, Alan is considered to be a thought-leader and key mission strategist for churches across the Western world. Hirsch is the author of The Forgotten Ways; co-author of The Shaping of Things to Come, ReJesus, and The Faith of Leap (with Michael Frost); Untamed (with Debra Hirsch); Right Here, Right Now (with Lance Ford), and On the Verge (with Dave Ferguson).

Alan is co-founder and adjunct faculty for the M.A. in Missional Church Movements at Wheaton College (Illinois). He is also adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary, George Fox Seminary, among others, and he lectures frequently throughout Australia, Europe, and the United States. He is series editor for Baker Books’ Shapevine series, IVP’s Forge line, and an associate editor of Leadership Journal.

His experience in leadership includes leading a local church movement among the marginalized as well as heading up the Mission and Revitalization work of his denomination. He has been on leadership team with Christian Associates, a mission agency planting churches throughout Europe. Alan is adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary and lectures frequently throughout Australia, Europe, and the U.S.


forge-america-img2Scott serves as the Director of Theology for the Forge America Mission Training Network. He holds a Ph.D. in Congregational Mission and Leadership from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN and is the author of the five Forge Guides for Missional Conversation (InterVarsity Press). Scott loves the thrill of helping people discover how God is calling them to participate in His mission to the world. He and his family live as bi-vocational missionaries in their condominium complex and are part of a missional church that is attempting to discover how to be the presence of God in the suburbs of Chicago. When he is not participating in the missional church conversation through his writings, studies, or teaching, Scott enjoys a wide variety of athletic activities (particularly running, tennis, and disc golf), board games of all kinds, and sharing meals with neighbors, friends, or anyone else God sends his way.